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Monday, 28 September 2009

New Business - New Blog!

This is a brand new blog about children's art. So many kids unconsiously produce mini-masterpieces when they are small, and although we may hate to do it, they normally end up getting thrown away sooner or later - it all seems such a waste. This blog is dedicated to finding a use in everyday life for all that creative work, from different ways of displaying your child's artwork, to products and services that can make use of it, resources to enhance it, and things you can make with it. Along the way I also hope to include some articles about children's art in general, and include links to other useful sites. I also hope that readers (if I get any!) will contribute their own ideas and suggestions to make this as rich a resource as possible.

I should point out that this site will not be aimed at the professional who works with children, but at ordinary mums and dads. Also I do not intend to include ideas for kid's art and craft here, though I may post some links, or even develop a separate blog for this eventually. After all there are lots of other excellent sites out there that cover the subject, and there are only so many hours in the day!

A bit about myself: an artist, and until recently a museum/art gallery professional, I now run
an online business called 'Artful Kids' which digitally edits and presents children's artwork at it's best. All of the information on this blog, as it grows and develops, will also be added to a new Resources section on the website, which will be created shortly. I will post news about Artful Kids when I have anything interesting to report, along with the occasional special offer, but this blog is not intended to be purely a promotional tool for Artful Kids, so there probably won't be too much of it.

I think I'll leave it there for now, since I don't want my posts to become too long or onerous for either myself or my readers. I plan to blog on a weekly (approximately!) basis. So for the more creative amongst you, in my next post I will look at some simple ways of creating effective nursery art, cards and gift-tags, using some of those piles of paintings you may have at home.


  1. Great to find you! Your blog sounds very promising - looking forward to reading your next post :-)
    Playing by the book

  2. Thanks! Looking forward to exchanging ideas!