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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

New Domain Name

This is just a very brief post to alert everyone to the fact that I now have my own domain name for this blog: I'm not sure that this will make any difference whatsoever to anyone following or subscribing, since I am still publishing on Blogger and the new domain just redirects to the Blogger domain anyway, but I thought I'd let everyone know 'just in case'.


  1. Thank you it's always nice to know...sounds very professional!

  2. Hey Jude,

    What a pleasant surprise to find a comment from you on my blog. Thanks so much for your kind words.

    You have a very interesting site here. Lots of great ideas and information. When will we see more of your own artwork?

    I'm attending another 3 day life drawing workshop, starting this week. I'll make sure to post the results.

    Bye for now,

    Cousin Richard.

  3. Okay.Will adjust if I need to. Thanks for letting us know.

  4. @Tattie Weasle: Yes, I'm quite proud of my very own domain name!

    @Richard: I think I'll have to set up another blog to show my own artwork, not that I get much chance to do any of my own these days!