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Saturday, 5 December 2009

Featured Artist with a Seasonal Theme

My 5yr olds Christmas Picture by HotdogandMe.

My second Featured Artist has been chosen with a seasonal theme.  This contribution was made by HotdogandMe, and is the work of her 5 year old daughter.  It shows Santa in his sleigh in a starry sky, a Christmas tree, snowman, and house with people.  I love this picture, and it reminds me of the work of my own 5 year old.
Thank you to everyone who has uploaded images so far to the Artful Kids Flickr Group - keep them coming!


  1. There's no mistaking who's pulling that sleigh with such a big shiny red nose! What an excellent picture, it feels very magical. x

  2. Adorable image. Childrens drawings change so much in such a short time

  3. That is just so sweet!! Thanks so much for linking it on my site, it's so Christmassy :)