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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Is your Child's Artwork important to you?

I am trying to do some 'strategic thinking' in terms of the direction my business should take.  There are lots of different ways in which it, and I could go, and while I have my own opinions about this, I feel that any decision I make really should be informed by the wider world out there as far as possible.

You see, I take the artwork of my children very seriously.  I was, and still am, thrilled to watch my kid's artwork develop, change and progress, and love to encourage them.  I hate to discard any of their work, and the best is carefully preserved, used or presented in a way to really show it off.

However, I sometimes suspect I am not typical in this respect, and that the majority of parents take no more than a passing interest, if any, in their child's work, and while they might stick it on the fridge or on the kitchen wall, or their child's bedroom wall, they wouldn't dream of putting it in the living room for example, let alone have it expensively framed as they might a photograph of the child themselves.

I enjoy doing what I do, and carrying out commissions for people.  The response I get is really satisfying for me personally.  But long-term, as a business, I need to be sure that what I am offering is something that people have an interest in, if it is to develop as I would like.

Admittedly it's very early days, for me to be suffering a crisis of confidence - I have barely started promoting it, but I thought I would at least try to ask the question to inform any decision I make.  So.... is your child's artwork important to you?  Is it something that you would preserve for posterity or display prominently in your house?  What do you normally do with it?  I would love to know what everyone thinks, so please give me your feedback!


  1. I know that am am pretty much alone in that if I had the money then yes I would do what you do too. I adore the boys artwork, as you know!

  2. It's a difficult one because I suspect you want people to be truthful but don't want to tread on your dreams either! I do value my children's artwork. I display the best of it in the house but it's normally with blu-tak. I have folders and folders of it.

    Like you, I love seeing how they progress.
    I kept the first scribble on a napkin, the first drawings from nursery. But I don't know if I would pay to have them framed. My husband would insist on doing it. My best friend, who is a fine artist and published illustrator, has some gorgeous drawings that her eldest has done displayed all over the house - in frames with mounts. They look great. I love the naive style. They're in the loo, in the sitting room, everywhere. But maybe a lot of people stick them up on the fridge, (did you see Gordon Brown's house the other day in a mag - kids paintings everywhere on the kitchen cupboards). Where I live, there seems to be a roaring trade in canvases - where you can get a picture of your child blown up and printed onto canvas or an Andy Warhol style print of them.

    I don't know - I may be getting the wrong end of the stick on what you're offering so correct me please. But that's just my initial thoughts.

    What's making you waver?

  3. Hello! I've discovered your blog via a lovely link from Mollimoo.

    I personally think there is a large market for children's art preservation out there - you only have to look at the rising popularity of silver jewellery capturing favourite drawings and fingerprints etc.

    I have a bulging folder of my children's paintings spanning some five years and have also adopted a drawing my daughter did four years ago as my 'logo'. I have framed a couple of my absolute favourites.

    Sure, there are parents who throw away everything their children create, but I believe there are far more who don't.

    Hope helps and the very best of luck to you I say!

    Heather :-)

  4. Thanks for the comments so far, and for your support - why am I waivering? I'm not really sure, only that I keep on having different ideas, not all of them compatible, and then I would also like more time to do my own artwork, but I don't think that would earn me any money. That's always been my problem, I need to focus. I also need a holiday!

  5. Hi Jude: Little Miss P is only small - 15 months now but I cannot wait until we can get the crayons and paints out and start getting creative. I did a degree in art so its a real passion of mine and one I hope Miss P shares with me! (either that or she'll become an obsessive cyclist like her dada!)

  6. We have both Big and Little's art framed and hung around the house. Big's favourite is her 'Fish' which she did at school. A company came in and ran a workshop so each child produced a painting which was then framed and displayed in the hall - for parents to buy. Big says she is now a 'real' artist, having been in an exhibition. (And lots of other parents were buying their child's art too.)

  7. Totally honestly, and I suspect I shouldn't be saying it... but your stuff is my absolute favourite on the BMB craft market. As and when my girls produce something worthy of it I will be knocking frantically on your door.... Keep going. I for one am a big fan.

  8. Many thanks PlanB - you boost my confidence and sself-belief no end.

    Cathy - that's really interesting what you say about buying after a workshop - I think it's like with photographs, sometimes people need to see the result before they buy, but while that's easy to do with simply framing something,(where the frame can be used again, if the artwork is not purchased) it's not something I can do when I am putting a lot of time and effort into digitally editing and styling.

  9. hello jude, just popping back (nice to meet you!) and got so excited reading your blog. Wonderful. Guess you are preaching to the converted but my answer is a big yes. I have a whole wall in my hoome of framed kids art (see it here )

    Don't stop. Children have a lot to teach us. x