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Monday, 19 April 2010

April Featured Artist

This month's Featured Artist was submitted by Mammy Dalby, whose middle daughter Lexie was featured back in January. It's by her eldest daughter Charlotte.  The picture is described as follows:

From top left clockwise: 'Papa Nash in his pants, the world, a face, dots, a car in storm clouds, Wayne from Higgley Town Heroes wearing glasses'.   

According to her mum, Charlotte doesn't think she should draw a new picture if all the ideas occur to her at once!

The monthly Featured Artist is selected from images uploaded to the Artful Kids Flickr Group.  If anyone has any masterpieces (drawings and paintings) created by children under 12 that they would like to contribute to the group, your contributions would be very welcome.


  1. That's sweet. Love the trees and the pants. Good idea to put all your ideas in as they come to you.

  2. Aww, that's great! I especially love the way all the ideas are on one picture, even though they seem unrelated to the untrained eye.

  3. Such a clever girl to put all her ideas onto one piece of paper, my youngest feels quite the opposite and each idea has to have it's own paper; luckily he will allow me to make him use both sides!